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Unique white wines from Napa Valley AVA and Chalone AVA.  Light, fruity, crisp, extremly drinkable- everything white wines should be.  These will definitely change your opinion about quality white wines.

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.


White Wines

Light, crisp, fruity with a lingering finish.  This is THE summer wine. 100% Chenin Blanc fermented with a yeast that highlights tropical notes, this isn't your ordinary Chenin.  With only 12.3% alc, so you can still read your book by the pool.

75 cases produced

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This white wine is a cofermented beauty, marrying floral malvasia Bianca and succulent Pinot Grigio.  An early harvest has retained a pert spirit, setting the stage for a stone-fruit explosion of sensations. This white wine is an exceptional summertime sipper and is sure to command a second glass. Or bottle! Stainless steel barrel aged for 6 months.  13.5% abv. 

125 cases produced

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SKU: 21WhiteBlend