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Our winemaking goal is to allow the power and the beauty of the Hossfeld site to continue through to the wine.  We strive for full extraction from the grapes and along with the vineyard's natural retention of acidity, we are able to achieve ripeness without extended hangtime.  With a limitation of sulfur and an intention towards aging, our wines are composed of mountain tannin, robust fruit and a meditative finish.

  We are a certified organic vineyard and the only ingredient in our estate wines is organic grapes.

We produce ultra premium, small production Napa Valley wines. With production under 400 cases a year, we sell a selection of Hossfeld wines on our website and share new releases with our Mailing List.


Current Releases

This Pinot Noir comes from the upper-reaches of Sonoma County, just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Blood orange and hints of primrose settle over this rich and structured wine. Wonderful acid to texture mingles throughout the palate as flavors of mulberry and fresh coffee cherry slips into a rewarding finish. 

112 cases produced

$70 per bottle

SKU: 21PinotNoir
Mailing List Only

This wine has a core of black cherry and graphite, lifted by the natural acidity of this exceptional site. Projecting its hillside structure from the mid-palate to the signature long finish, this wine is a perfect example of a confident hillside Napa Cabernet. Youthful and seductive now, it will bring much reward to the patient collector.

Sold as a trio.

61 cases produced 

SKU: 2018CS3Pack
Mailing List Only

This blend of Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is a fruity, finessed expression of the Hossfeld Estate. A rich, velvety purple in the glass, this mountain blend delivers the intoxicating flowery perfume of Malbec wedded with the sumptuous decadence of Cabernet Sauvignon. Finely woven tannins, the pertness of pomegranate and the structure of mountain fruit, this compelling wine shows the synergy of hillside varietals.

172 cases produced

$125 per bottle

SKU: 19Blend
Mailing List Only

The 2018 Hossfeld Malbec opens with a dense nose of French plum and splintered cedar. Red currant and dried bramble give way to graphite and hillside tannin. Young with volcanic vibrancy, this Malbec will cellar well for the next decade and beyond.

75 cases produced

$85 per bottle

SKU: 18Malbec
Mailing List Only

Light, crisp, fruity with a lingering finish.  This is THE summer wine. 100% Chenin Blanc fermented with a yeast that highlights tropical notes, this isn't your ordinary Chenin.  With only 12.3% alc, so you can still read your book by the pool.

75 cases produced

$45 per bottle

SKU: 21CheninBlanc
Mailing List Only

This white wine is a cofermented beauty, marrying floral malvasia Bianca and succulent Pinot Grigio.  An early harvest has retained a pert spirit, setting the stage for a stone-fruit explosion of sensations. This white wine is an exceptional summertime sipper and is sure to command a second glass. Or bottle! Stainless steel barrel aged for 6 months.  13.5% abv. 

125 cases produced

$45 per bottle

SKU: 21WhiteBlend
Mailing List Only

Only 5 cases remain. 

A swirl of rose hips and cola opens up the senses as this Pinot Noir reveals high toned flavors of coffee cherry and Assam. Ginger and citrus peel slips into a welcoming finish that is reminiscent of walking out of a floral shop. 

31 cases produced

$45 per bottle

SKU: 2019Pinot
Mailing List Only